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Las Vegas artist Gabbie Hirsch

Click here for Podcast Episode 11: Las Vegas artist Gabbie Hirsch

(**There was a technical error the first day of the episode was loaded which caused the episode to be cut short.  This has been resolved.  I believe that if you have already downloaded the podcast from iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher, that you will have to delete the download and refresh the podcast feed.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Let me know if there are any questions or if there are any further issues.  **=)

In October of 2016 I spoke with Gabbie Hirsch, a Las Vegas based artist with incredible creativity, insight, and energy.  Our conversation delved into her many artistic ventures, her history, and a bit into the intellectual side of what she does.  It was so much fun speaking with her.

“The play of the interspace of the painting and the interspace of the viewer keeps flipping back and forth… I am fascinated with the physiology of the eye and the functioning and how the neurology of the brain processes images.”

Website:  http://www.lasvegasartsinaction.com/

Additional information to click on and explore:

~Hokusai – Japanese artist

~Diego Valesquez’s painting Las Meninas

~University of Nevada, Las Vegas

~Desert Art Supplies: local art supply store; Gabbie and other artists teach classes here

~Nevada Child Cancer Foundation: one of Gabbie’s favotie local nonprofits

~Studio 8 Ten: a division of Transitional Services

~Paradise Valley Antique Mallvideo for their 1st year anniversary



Hammons Honey with Josh Hammons

Click here for podcast: Episode 10: Hammons Honey with Josh Hammons

On October 21st, 2016, I was able to snatch an interview with Josh Hammons, the owner of Hammons Honey.  It was the end of a farmers market day for him, and he was very kind to take time for an interview.  As you can imagine, he was exhausted from a day’s work already of selling honey, but this doesn’t come across in our conversation.  Josh is very passionate about what he does and I was fascinated by the information he shared, as I hope you will be too. =)

Website: Hammonshoney.com  (not currently active)

urbanbeerescue.com (not currently active)

Facebook: Hammons Honey

**Email: hammonshoney@hotmail.com**

Additional information:

~Josh Hammons removing bees






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Jazz TX with Brent Watkins

Click here for Podcast: Episode 8: Jazz TX with Brent Watkins

I was recently in San Antonio for a short visit and had the opportunity to meet with Brent Watkins, owner of Jazz TX, a jazz club located in the newly rebuilt Bottling House at the Historic Pearl Brewery.  Our conversation took place in the club, during a bright, quiet afternoon, vastly different from the lively atmosphere that happens at night.  During our conversation, Brent talked about the conscious decision he made to reflect Texas in the design of the club, but as I walked down the stairs leading to the entrance I felt as though I had stepped into a different city, or perhaps it’s just San Antonio’s changing presence that I noticed when I stepped into Jazz TX.  (I love that city!)

The club is a beautiful experience, from the large front door with black pieces sectioning a large pane of glass, the boot shining stand tucked to the left of the entrance, the food and drink, the companionship with those you go with,to the lively and highly skilled music that you will hear.

Website: http://jazztx.com/

Instagram: jazz_texas

Additional information to explore (click on the brown links):

Influential jazz musicians – Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Art Tatum

Influential classical musicians – Vladimir Horowitz, Sviatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels

A bit of history on Emil Gilels and Sviatoslav Richter

Cabaret Jazz in Las Vegas at the Smith Center







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Exploring as a Local

Click here to listen to ColorMeLocal Podcast: Episode 7:  Exploring as a Local

img_9559ColorMeLocal is about experiencing an area on a deeper level, away from tourist spots or chain stores, and delving into the heart and core of a place, the people who have a passion for what they do and how they bring unique color to their city, their space.  I’ve chosen to do this by focusing on local artisan businesses, conversing with the owners and getting to know an area through their eyes and their personalities.

Today I want to talk about traveling and exploring a new space.  So the word “travel” literally means “to go on a trip or journey : to go to a place and especially one that is far away”, as defined by the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Today I want to explore what this might look like, away from typical areas.

Travel can mean something different for each person.  For some it’s about getting away from life’s busy-ness and being still, for others it’s about experiencing a new culture, and for others still it’s about seeing historical landmarks.  For most of us, we choose to travel for a combination of these and other reasons.

We really start to learn from travel and be changed by it when we let go of a typical tourist approach.  There’s a helpful article on the U.S. News and World report about travel, called  10 Secrets for Traveling Like a Local by Claire Volkman.  Here are some of the “secrets” she shares:

-Go beyond landmarks

-Put down the camera

-Explore with a local

-Rent a home/apartment

-Take a cooking class

-Learn a few key phrases

-Think experiential

-Consider volunteering

-Be respectful and observant

-Try everything at least once

In addition to these tips, I would add visiting a local coffee shop, bakery, or library.  Check in with the visitor’s center at the city and ask about local parks or live music venues.  And when you are there, observe the people, take time to listen to the conversations that are going on around you.

So often when we travel or vacation somewhere we are busy on our phones or cameras or planning what’s next on the agenda that we forget to be present when we sit and notice what’s around us.  We miss out on the opportunities to learn from others, which is a big benefit when traveling because it can give us a new perspective on life and the opportunities that exist.

What is it that matters for the people of that city?  How are they similar to people you know and how are they different?

If you enjoy engaging people in conversation, or want to push yourself in that area, try striking up a conversation with someone who seems local and ask them what they like about the area and what they would recommend seeing.  Before doing this, I do recommend observing and gauging whether the person would be receptive to conversation.  That way it’s a positive experience for all involved.  😉

Happy exploring and stay in touch!