Exploring locales.



ColorMeLocal is designed to feature local businesses, and I desire for that to be the focus, but I will share just a little bit about myself for those of you who are interested. =)

I was born and raised in Texas, though I’m not often identified as a “Texan girl”.  After college and graduate school, I moved to San Antonio where I lived most of my adult life until I decided to explore the United States using my degree and field of work, within the healthcare setting.  That led me to live in Oregon for 6 months in 2016, the year I ventured to start this podcast series.  From there I transitioned to Las Vegas, and that’s the city in which the podcast begins.  However, I already have specific businesses in mind to interview located in cities across the country including San Antonio and Waco, TX; Seattle, WA; Salem and Eugene, OR… and so many others.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I would not have started this adventure without the encouragement and assistance of my friends and family, for which I am forever thankful.  I am very blessed.

Pondering life, asking questions, seeking understanding, developing intentional and genuine relationships…following God.  These are the things that inspire my life.  I look forward to hearing what inspires yours as well.

Contact me at:  ColorMeLocal.cml@gmail.com

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